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Social Media Management

For boosting your profits

With social media users surpassing 4.2 billion people around the world, nowadays social media channels and social media marketing are amongst the most effective ways to reach, connect and engage with your audience, build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately increase sales.

Social Media Management is not just about posting for the sole purpose of being online. It’s about listening to your clients and their needs. It’s about building a healthy human relationship with your audience.

At Markception we know how to attract a quality follower base and to keep it actively engaged. We help companies build an audience from scratch or expand an existing one, communicate with it, and manage brand reputation on social media.

Our Social Media Services

For helping you grow faster

Our partnership with every single client begins with industry research. Then we explore your brand, your customers, and competitors. By analyzing all collected data and being aware of “where we are”, we develop a custom social media strategy for you.

Social media success and healthy growth are always backed up with a smart, tailored strategy.

We believe that social media delivers meaningful business results and empowers businesses. However, this is possible only when posts are reaching the perfect audiences, sharing relevant content, and holding real conversations. Our team is committed to outlining strategies, plans, and clear goals for your social media channels. With the ever-changing, intricate platforms and the need for daily online operations, Markception ensures you have a dedicated social media manager, who is engaged with the execution of your company’s strategy and keeps your brand ahead of online trends.

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Social Media Management Pricing


500€per month
  • 2 network
  • up to 30 posts
  • 6 custom images
  • 4 boosted posts
  • Comments management
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Monthly report


1000€per month
  • 4 network
  • up to 50 posts
  • 12 custom images
  • 8 boosted posts
  • Comments and chat replies
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Monthly report

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We are flexible, don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us about your needs. Together we will find the best solution for you. 

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What you get

Social Media Strategy

Our team will work together with you to develop a social media strategy by choosing the most relevant approach for your industry and defining your business goals. We will specify the characteristics of your audience and outline the creative approach that would work best for your business. By analyzing your competitors, we will be able to define their strengths and weaknesses and gain an understanding of how we can benefit from missed opportunities.

Content & Post Management

A consistent posting calendar is essential for attracting new customers (followers). A dedicated key account manager will regularly create and present the copies and visuals of the planned posts for your social media channels.

Our team will monitor the performance of your pages daily. We will observe the engagements and respond timely to messages and comments under every single post.

Reporting & Analyses

Detailed social reports will show social media ROI and will provide you with all the numbers you need to be aware of. Your key account manager will guide you through all reports and will ensure that you have a complete understanding of their meaning.

Analyzing how different posts performed and how your audience is changing is extremely important for improving your online presence. We believe that constant testing and optimization are a must to find the best algorithm for your business.


increase in
website traffic

10+ mil

reach in
1 month


increase in
customer engagement

International Social Media Services

We are not just a local digital marketing agency. We have years of experience with international companies located all around the world. We’ve created international B2B & B2C strategies and we are now committed to growing your business no matter the industry or the scale of your company by giving 120% of ourselves.

Being good at what you do is simply not enough. You have to put your heart in it, too. And we surely do that because we want you to be successful, distinguishable and memorable.

International strategy

International influencer network

Multilingual content

Community management

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