As you remember, at the beginning of October we published our first article about the top stories in the world of marketing for the last 30 days. It is November already, so here comes the most important news from the previous month – the marketing essentials you need to know about.

#1: Microsoft and Yandex to join forces for a new initiative 

Yes, there are search engines besides Google. Microsoft’s Bing and Yandex (famous in Russia) introduced a new initiative in October called IndexNow. The main goal is to allow any search engine to be included. For website owners, the new protocol (IndexNow) allows instant indexing of their websites and pages. For now, only the founding members are participating, however, an open invitation remains for all that want to join this new open protocol. 

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#2: outlined that creators with mid-level reach on Tik-Tok may be the best for brands

You may not like it, but Tik-Tok is here to stay and more brands are turning to this social network. The media about marketing digs into the subject to suggest those creators that have a huge number of followers may not be the best fit for brands looking for partnerships. A survey, that the website cites claims that brands that work with creators that have around 550 000 followers and those with around 11 million followers give the best results. 

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#3: The Metaverse will generate 10 000 new jobs in the EU

With the internet going crazy with memes on the Facebook name change to Meta, one of the big news from October was that the creation of the Metaverse will be the reason for 10 000 job openings in the EU alone. As Facebook announced it: “Today, we’re announcing a plan to create 10,000 new high-skilled jobs within the European Union (EU) over the next five years. This investment is a vote of confidence in the strength of the European tech industry and the potential of European tech talent.”.

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#4: BigTech companies will be required to deliver data from political ads

Once in a while comes a time when the European Commission takes action in direction of the so-called BigTech – Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The latest step in this direction may force Facebook and Google to provide data on political ads and how they target and affect internet users. The goal is to have information about political ads that have not been disclosed by leaders and political parties. More on this matter is yet to be announced by the end of November. 

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#5: No more LinkedIn in China

Some time ago Microsoft bought LinkedIn with huge plans for the social network. While results can be discussed as controversial, the tech company has decided to shut down the social network for China. This decision comes with the explanation that LinkedIn can’t comply with the requirements of the Chinese state. And with that, the only major social media from the “West” is closing down in the biggest Asian country. 

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#6: Bye-bye IGTV! Or maybe not?

If you have an Instagram account then you know what IGTV is. Instagram announced they are rebranding it to “Instagram TV”. Now videos in your main feed can be up to an hour-long. The other video section of the social network called Reels (the answer to Tik-Tok) is the video feature being put into the spotlight. Will longer videos see the light of day on Instagram? We are going to find out. 

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#7: The big outage of Facebook media platforms

It was a major story at the beginning of October but you probably barely remember by now. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsUp all went down for almost six hours. Mark Zuckerberg lost several billion dollars. In an official statement, it was said that there was a “faulty configuration change” that denied the access of 3,5 billion users. There was some conspiracy going around that it is related to hacking or that it has something to do with the Facebook whistle-blower that came forward around the same time.

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Before we part ways, we want to share something related to the latest news on our list. The top 35 memes related to the Facebook shutdown that Bored Panda brought together. Have some fun with them and enjoy your day!

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