So, for the last time this year, we are going to go over the most important news from the world of marketing. Don’t be sad – we will be back at the beginning of January to take a closer look at what happened at the end of 2021. Now, let us see what are the most interesting news and articles for November:

#1: Facebook (or Meta?) brought back the support for black business on Black Friday 

The social network announced that it is going to support the black-owned businesses by featuring a show on them in their Facebook Shop tab. The #BuyBlack was also featured on Instagram as live shopping series. This is the second year that Facebook/Meta is doing this to support these businesses. 

Read the full story here. 

#2: The digital strategy of Nissan after showroom closings

We find this case study by “Think with Google” really interesting. It follows the evolution of the digital strategy of the automobile brand and its partners – iWebMa Analytical Marketing agency. How their offline strategy was turned into a digital masterpiece? Read the story below. 

Read the full story here.

#3: Special from Think with Google on holiday travel

Another great piece from the blog of Google is directed to marketers in the tourism industry. It takes into account how travelers make their plans and choices with Covid-19 still around and how this affects holiday travel. And most importantly – how can marketers be prepared. 

Read the full story here.

#4: Brands and the metaverse – where are the early adopters coming from?

Digiday came out with a great in-depth article about the metaverse industry and what marketers can do to bring benefits to their clients. The most suitable places? Gaming platforms. Find out how and why by reading the full story here.

#5: Google My Business changes name and adds new features 

We write about Google a lot in this overview, but there is some news ahead. Google My Business now is named Google Business Profile. The change is not just in the name – there will be more features for profile management in Google Maps and the search engine. Everything new about this can be found in the article of Search Engine Land.

#6: Holiday Campaign Planning Guide issued for publishers on TikTok

Here is a way to get prepared for the holidays! The social network TikTok came out with a special guide that will help creators to prepare their campaigns for the holiday season. The guide focuses on user trends, customer behavior, and more useful insights. Read about it here. 

#7: Does fun increase sales? dives into the subject

For our final piece, we have selected a great article on that provides an overview on what is the best type of storytelling used in marketing to drive sales. Positive messages and a sense of humor help a lot. 

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