Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks that we know today and its popularity continues to grow rapidly. In fact, according to, the social platform is the third most popular with more than a billion monthly users.  The golden medal goes to Facebook, of course, with around 2 billion users each month. And YouTube is at the honorable second position, as it is used by around 1.9 billion people on a monthly basis. So, first of all, a billion users is a lot of people, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that over 76% of marketers and small business owners choose to promote their products and to communicate with their customers via InstagramRead more

6 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Facebook

How can there be things you are doing wrong on Facebook? Actually, the Social Media world is a vast one and we often like to call it “science”. To many people it looks pretty easy to take care of their company’s Facebook page on their own and posting here and there. Read more