It’s been a long time since just sharing an update to your status on Facebook was enough. With the development of the different social media channels and the increasing competition between businesses, the need for doing things differently has also changed. To be able to do this efficiently, however, you need to have a handful of useful tools in order to manage successfully not only your social media, but also all of your marketing channels. And if the below still sounds complicated to use, then get in touch with us. 

We’ve gathered 6 free tools which we use on a daily basis for managing our clients’ marketing channels and we decided to share them with you. Because sharing is caring, right?


First on our list is Canva – there is so much to say about it but shortly – it’s the ultimate online design tool, which will help even the least creative person become a pro. Of course, it’s not as complicated as Photoshop, for example, but it’s perfect if you are looking for easy to make designs for your social media. If you haven’t heard of Canva, go check it out. You’ll be amazed how many free templates you can customize. You can upload your photos, videos, choose specific colours, add elements, etc. The Pro version is also worth it. For $120/year you get unlimited number of high resolution photos, fonts, saved brand colours, logos and much more. They even have a design school with tutorials to help you become a master designer.

There are 8 main design categories to start from depending on your needs – Social Media, Events, Marketing, Documents, Prints, Video, School and Personal – and many more subcategories within them. All sizes are predefined but you can also use your custom dimensions. 

One thing we’ve noticed, as we often use Canva for social media purposes, is that some of the sizes are not quite accurate. For example – a Facebook post is set to 940x788px but the truth is square images work best just like on Instagram. So it won’t hurt if you use 1080x1080px instead. After the recent updates, you might have noticed that some of the images you upload have black lines on the sides on desktop. Some say this is a bug because of the new interface, but we’ll see. 

In 2019 the social media giant announced some changes in the ads creation as well. The recommended resolution for a single image/video ad or a carousel post is 1080x1080px for best visibility. However, if you choose the Canva Facebook ad template, then the size will be 1200x628px which is the old format.

Canva is also perfect if you want to create your own business cards, brochures, flyers or a beautiful corporate presentation you want to impress with. My best friends even designed their wedding invitations using the tool and saved a fortune this way. And I did my resume so I now have “the one and only CV in the world’.  

Here are the available features in both the Free and Pro versions: 

Free  Pro – $120/year (everything free +)
250 000 + free templates 1 brand kit for your visual identity – fonts, colours, logos –

so you don’t have to add them every time

100+ design types (social media, presentations, letters, postcards, etc.) 420 000+ free templates
Hundreds of thousands of free photos, graphics and elements 75 million premium stock images, graphics, elements and videos
  • You can’t resize directly 
  • One-click resize
  • Most of the stock images and videos are paid 
  • Version history restore in case you delete something by accident 

Lingo Jam

Have you ever wondered how Instagram influencers create their bios using different fonts and signs? Well, Lingo Jam is a free fancy text generator, where you can simply write your own text and then copy-paste the new one. Easy-peasy. 

If you want to design your own font and have a unique style, this is also possible through Lingo Jam. There are millions of combinations you can create here and if you follow the suggested tips, you’ll end up rocking the insta world. 

Lingo Jam is not just a fancy text generator. It is a website where you can create your own translator. Some of the popular existing variations are “Yoda style language”, old English, English to Shakespearean, mirrored text and even a robot voice generator. Not yet sure what this means? Check this out: 

Attention: The translators are exaggerated for comic effect and should not be used for serious translations! They are meant to be fun.

So the next time you wonder what to change in your email newsletter, social media posts, Instagram bio, etc., in order to be noticed, start with the font. It will do a great job.


Smartmockups is a partly free product mockup generator. Sometimes we struggle for content especially if our clients don’t provide us with any real images to use in their social media posts, display ads or email campaigns. When this happens, Smartmockups comes to the rescue. It works perfectly well if you want to publish a beautiful photo of a laptop with your website opened on it for example. 

This tool is also useful for designers, web developers and everyone else who needs to visualize their idea. Besides Technology, there are also other categories you can choose from according to your needs – Print, Packaging, Home & living, Apparel or Social Media. Just upload your photo or screenshot to the mockup, download in the needed resolution and you are all done. 

The premium account costs only $9/month (if you pay for the whole year) but it’s definitely worth it if you constantly need high quality mockups. With it, you get absolutely all of them for free plus lots of new ones every week. You can capture screenshots of your website just by typing the URL. The best part – you can change the background of your main object so you can see how it will look like in different situations. 

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out.

YouTube video builder

It’s no secret that video marketing is pretty expensive and takes a lot of resources to create something from scratch. With YouTube video builder, however, businesses can craft quickly short videos to use in their ads – either 6 or 15 seconds long. There are several different templates to choose from. Whether you want to promote your app, show phone interaction, introduce your brand, present your message, etc., everything is super simple. All you need to do is add your logo and photos, main colour, text and CTA. Now, if you are a Google ads master, it will be far easier for you to come up with the needed texts because of the limited characters. If you have a little or no budget at all, this tool is perfect for you. 

There is one small drawback – the format is horizontal (just like all YouTube videos) rather than square which can possibly cause some issues in the way your social media ads look like. But you can hack it by cropping the video and still use it. 

The YouTube video builder is still in a Beta test, so if you want access to it, you need to fill out a form and request it.


Kapwing is an online image, video and gif editing platform whose mission is to enable digital storytelling. It is the ultimate “go to” platform for anyone working in digital marketing as its tools are easy to use. This is especially valid if you don’t have the skills or the money to work with a professional software like Adobe Premier. 

With Kapwing you can trim and resize your video, add subtitles to it, add audio or additional slides, custom elements like logos, text and colours, combine video with images and so much more. You can explore all the tools they currently have here. We sure haven’t yet done that. 

Besides the above mentioned, Kapwing even offers meme generator. Cool, right? You can start with a basic template, add your own image as a background, customize the text and that’s it. You are one step closer to becoming the next generation 9gag.

For anyone working in social media, you know how important it is to add subtitles to your videos. Or if you don’t yet know that, it’s because people often watch videos without sound on the go. So this has never been easier to do with Kapwing simply because there is a feature which lets you auto-generate subtitles for your video. It is still in beta testing and is not 100% accurate, but it’s much easier to just make a few edits than writing the whole script with timings in a document and then upload it (well, you can also do that if you wish).

The best part is that Kapwing has a free and paid version but none of them has a watermark unlike many other online video builders.

If you register for a free account, you get access to all tools. The file upload limit is 250MB and you can export videos up to 7 minutes long. Your content will be stored for 2 days and during that time you can go back and make some changes. The paid version offers some extra features which you can check out here.

Later – 

Not being able to add links to posts on Instagram is sometimes frustrating for businesses and advertisers. However, it’s understandable having in mind that the platform was developed with the sole purpose of sharing high resolution images. 

We all know that if you want to drive traffic to your website, you can either rely on the link in your bio or the “swipe up” option for stories. However, to unlock this, your Instagram account must be either verified or have more than 10 000 followers. 

But there is a workaround and it is free. 

Later’s option lets you drive traffic from Instagram. You can turn your feed into a clickable page where each post leads to a different destination. This way, you have more than one link in your account and you don’t have to choose whether to get people to visit your website, or blog, or somewhere else. Moreover, you don’t have to change the link in your bio every time you have a new update and then switch back to the original website. 

Here’s how it looks like:

All you have to do is go to Later’s website (linked above), register, connect your account and activate the option. It will generate a URL which you can customize and put in your bio. Then you can link all your posts to different destinations outside the social media platform which will turn your feed into a clickable one when someone pays you a visit.

**Note: Adding links to your posts is done via Later, not through Instagram. 

All of these tools make our everyday marketing work a lot easier. Knowing how to use them properly has a great advantage. However, it’s important not only to know how to use them, but to understand the specifics of your audience, what it likes and how it feels. Sometimes crafting the communication with your customers on your own can be pretty challenging especially if you don’t put yourself in their shoes or you refuse to accept that they think differently than you. Using a professional social media agency can help you with all of that. It’s like one burden less on your shoulder. It took our team years to master the social networks and the other digital marketing channels, but we can proudly say “We did it!” so when you hire us, you automatically get all our know-how. Outsourcing your digital activities to an external agency will help you maintain better relationships with your clients while you focus on running your business. Another advantage of choosing an agency is that we’ll create strategies and funnels to lead your potential buyers through, because we know how important it is not just to sell them your product or service once, but to retain them and re-engage them. It’s far more valuable if you have 100 customers who buy from you every single month, than having 1000 who buy only once and never come back.

Are you ready to talk to us? Send us an email with your story at: and we’ll gladly give you a free consultation.

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