2020 was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter of our lives. And it was. For a while at least. Then the world pandemic Covid-19 started and it changed everything – the way we work, study, talk to the doctor or buy things. The daily routines are no longer boring but rather challenging. The survival of small businesses is put on a crossroad and they have to adapt to the new decade quickly if they want to continue doing business.

So if you are still unsure whether you need a website or a Facebook page, think twice and read on.

In times of uncertainty, lockdowns and bans, there is a way for you to succeed and keep doing what you do. Of course, if you’ve never thought about moving your business online, it could look scary and you might feel lost. Don’t worry!

Not knowing how to do certain things doesn’t make you less of a professional.

Why do you have to struggle thinking about digital campaigns, landing pages, ads optimization, etc., when there are people like us who are experts in Online Marketing and do this for a living.


We can build your website or online shop, we can make it rank on Google’s first page, so customers can find you easier, we can engage with them on social media, advertise your business and much more. And all of this from the comfort of our homes.

Managing your business online takes time, consistency and a dose of creativity.

So if you lack these, just sit back and relax.

The reasons why your offline business must go online are many, but we’ve gathered just a few of them to make it easier for you to think about it. And without further ado let’s jump straight into them.

1. Be where your customers and competitors are

It’s very likely that your competitors are already promoting themselves online – through a website, blog or a simple Facebook page. One wrong step and they could steal your clients easily, because it will only take a simple search for them to find someone like you offering similar products or services. The opposite is also true. Who wouldn’t want some extra cash? Keeping an eye on what others do is also essential as it will help you measure where you stand now and where you could be in 3-6 months. It could give you ideas how to improve your products or services so you have better visibility and more competitive advantages. Reading your competitors’ reviews and using the feedback of their clients is a powerful tool to change the odds in your favour. It’s “The art of war”.


2. The digital world knows no day off

Unlike traditional businesses (that only have a physical location), there is no day off for the online world. There are no work hours and it never sleeps. How cool is that? Have you imagined someone working for you 24/7 without the need of sleep or food for a minimal cost? What’s more, you can talk to your customers at any time of the day, even at midnight and you don’t have to be physically present somewhere.

Let’s say you sell gardening tools in your shop, from Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00. Now think about what will happen to your sales if you have an online store or a Facebook shop where customers can order directly no matter that it’s outside your office hours and they live in a different town. All you have to do is send their order by courier.


3. Make it easier to show what you offer

There is a practice in Bulgaria for the salesperson to offer extra products which you don’t actually need or want. And that’s okay. But when they are extremely pushy about it, we are likely to be left with a bitter taste. You definitely don’t want your customers to feel this way. So the easier thing to do is get creative and share on social media – be it as a post, story or present it in a live video. That way clients will have more time to make an informed decision without feeling pressured to make a purchase right away and you’ll avoid the negative feedback at the same time. Win-win.

4. Advertise to the right people

When it comes to advertising the eternal question is “Offline or Online marketing?” Which one is more effective?

  • Online marketing consists of various channels and platforms which you can combine in order to leverage your strategy. Email newsletters, Google ads, Social media – you name it. It’s the place where your potential clients spend most of their free time.
  • Whereas offline marketing includes traditional printed ads, newspapers, magazines, flyers, radio, television, etc.

So which one do you prefer more?

We are not against offline marketing because there are still some people who prefer it, especially the older ones. But let’s be honest:

How often do you check your mailbox in front of your home and take advantage of any of the offers there?

Or maybe you heard a radio ad while you were going to work but didn’t manage to write down the phone number, because you were driving? 20 years ago we wouldn’t have asked these questions at all and we wouldn’t have hesitated what to choose. But nowadays, consumers spend so much time on their phones, computers and tablets browsing the internet. So marketing your brand online is not only quick, more effective, much cheaper, but it also saves nature by not wasting paper which will be thrown into the garbage. It lets you overcome the distance barriers and the inability to talk to people face to face when they stay home.

Just advertising online, however, is not enough, because you don’t want random people to see your ad. Targeting the right audience is a whole different story. Now that’s a difficult job, because there are many technicalities which you need to have in mind. Starting from the demographics of the people who buy your products or services such as age and gender is key. Surely, you can target everyone from 18 to 65 if you want, but would that be effective if you sell natural cosmetics for example? Would 60 year old men be interested in what you offer? Probably no.


That’s why it’s important to segment your audience first and then start adding interests.

Create an ideal customer (buyer persona). Give it a name, age, gender, marital status, occupation, education and be as thorough as possible. This exercise will help you imagine how your clients look like, how they think, how they feel, what their pains are and how your product or service will solve their problems. Only then continue with additional interests. The options are endless and you can go as deep as you wish.

Being online just because your competitors are, and posting things once every couple of months, won’t be as effective as you might have thought. Writing short and distinguishable copies for your posts that give value to your clients, will help you maximize your efforts. But to do that, you have to know who is on the other side of the computer and what their problems are. You need to learn to think and talk like them. You need to listen and engage in conversations so others can see that you actually care. The use of different marketing tools and techniques is also crucial in order to be noticed. No one likes seeing sales posts all the time or too many popups on a website which actually distracts rather than make you take action.

At Markception we believe that the user experience should be exceptional and that’s why we focus on the details.

We set goals that we can measure so we can guarantee that we’ll achieve the expected results. Analyzing the data then helps us predict the possible outcomes of future campaigns so we can lower the cost for the maximum results. Through the years of experience we have learnt how to be efficient and adapt quickly. That’s why we take care of businesses in different industries like health and medical services, tourism, beauty, properties, etc. with ease.

If you’ve read the whole article, then we’ve done a good job. We can do the same for your business, too. We know you struggle and we are ready to help you. Investing in a website and online marketing will probably be the best decision you’ve ever made for your business. Beat the competition by using new ways to gain customers.

Are you ready to talk to us? Share your story, your struggles and fears and we’ll be happy to give you some advice. Contact us here.